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Foothill Gold Line Update: Glendora to Montclair Project Proposals Received

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September 12, 2018
An email update from Habib F. Balian, Chief Executive Officer, Foothill Gold Line:

Today, the Construction Authority reached a major milestone on the Glendora to Montclair project. The four shortlisted teams competing for the Alignment Design-Build Contract submitted proposals in response to tens of thousands of pages of engineering and project information provided to each team over the last several months. Proposals include each team’s technical method to completing the design and construction of the 12.3-mile project, their management approach, proposed key personnel, financial bid and more.

The Construction Authority will once again use a “best value” approach to evaluating the proposals, where the technical merits of the team and their approach are weighted approximately equally with the bid price. Over the next several weeks, six committees of transportation and industry experts, attorneys, financial professionals and partner agencies will review different elements of the proposals and then come together to provide their overall ratings and recommendations. I will use this information to make a formal recommendation to the board of directors.

Below is a picture of the four sets of proposals being prepared to be sent off to the evaluation committee members:

In preparation to award this important contract, the Construction Authority continues to make progress in our efforts to reduce potential delays for the winning team who will build the project. To that end, we are working closely with the freight line operator to eliminate the current pole line communication system, which uses mostly overhead lines located within the shared rail corridor to communicate with safety equipment at crossings. The pole lines need to be removed to make room for the freight tracks to be relocated and the light rail system installed. The photos below are from work being done in that effort this week in Glendora:

Lisa Levy-Buch, Director of Public Affairs
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